Hi, I’m Austin - Conversation & UX Designer

I humanize the way technology speaks with people

Bot and human in discussion

My motivation

Inclusivity and accessibility are not afterthoughts. I believe products should be as culturally and socially diverse as we are.

About Me

Raised in the SF Bay Area, I’ve always been intrigued by many facets of the human experience, especially linguistics and communication. My fascination with language has led me to become fluent in Japanese, and teach English in China.

I’ve learned that shaping successful user-centered products is always something of a conversation between product and user, verbal or not.

Today, as a conversational designer, I spend much of my time teaching NLU agents how to communicate effectively with humans.


Where I focus my efforts and excitement

I have 5 years design experience, a language background, and conversation design certified


Conversation Design

I use proven techniques to make clear, concise, and relevant dialogue for the user.


UX Design

I take a user centered approach to ensure accesibility, findability and ease of use.



I align copy with your brand to illustrate its personality and keep conversion rates high

Featured  case studies

Download Résumé

An app created to prevent, counter and support the influence of discrimination

Pagers Direct

IVR Interactive Voice Response experience for a retail store that sells pagers

Stanford Univ.

A project enhancing the web experience for the Hoover Library & Archives at Stanford

Caruma Cam

Mobile IoT device to connect cars for security, safety, and connectivity.

Conversation Design FAQ

Feel free to ask my virtual assistant about

What is Conversation Design to you?

For me, Conversation Design is adding research and structure to improve communication between humans and bots. For other definitions and resources check out Cathy Pearl's FAQ or the Google Assistant website.

Do I have to be a designer to become a Conversation Designer?

I certainly don’t think so. Since I began in Conversation Design, I’ve met Conversation Designers from all previous walks of life. These include engineers, scriptwriters, journalists, linguists, designers, copywriters, psychologists, and customer experience professionals.

What’s the importance of inclusive language with Conversation Design?

There are few things more unique and personal than the way we communicate. Conversational experiences are in our homes, cars, phones, and email. 

"If we don't intentionally include the risk is to unintentionally exclude." Stephen Frost

When it comes to AI we can't go the route of unintentional exclusion. Without intentional, user-centered conversational design in this space, we risk excluding people based on dialect, languages, accessibility, culture, gender, and other factors that influence individual communication.